Frequency S1E2: Signal and Noise

As Frank and Raimy continue to talk through time via his ham radio. Raimy convinces her dad to warn her mum Julie to be careful as she is going to be a victim of the nightingale killer. However Frank and Julie have not spoken in two years. Meanwhile Raimy and Frank start to investigate Thomas Goff as a possible person of interest they suspect might be the nightingale.

This series continues on it’s strong start with it’s pilot episode as we learn more about the lead characters and the changes their interactions through time are creating.

While I suspect the series was designed to keep the viewer engaged Frequency is developing into a show where you have to watch every episode because they all tie in. If you miss too much of it you may become lost and not know what’s going on.

It will be interesting to see how the show continues to grow and in which direction the creators take it.


My top 10 PC Games pt1

As I look back and reflect on the approximately 21 years of PC gaming I have done I have seen many titles come and go, some of which were all time classics and some were downright forgettable.

I started to thing about the games that I have enjoyed playing the most in that time. To that end I have compiled this top 10 list of my all time personal favourite games I played on PC.

In putting together this list I took into account the following. The story of the game (if it had one), the ability the game had to be modified by mods & the impact the game has had since I played it. I attempted to remain objective on the technical side of the games because naturally the newer the game the better it looks graphically ect.

10: SimCity 2000


Original release year: 1994

One of the earliest games I played Sim City 2000 is the second game in the series but the first one I played. It was a fun game where you got to build a small establishment into a sprawling metropolis. While I have played other games in the SimCity series this one is still the one I had the most fun playing.

SimCity 2000 was still being released on other platforms as they were released right up to the PSN IN 2008 proving this entry has stood the test of time.

9: Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix 4


Original release year: 2002

I have played many Grand Prix games over the years most of them done by EA Sports. However Grand Prix 4 is the one that makes the list. Having previously played Grand Prix 3 naturally I progressed to Grand Prix 4 when it was released.

While perhaps not the most realistic looking GP game out there this title it had a special quality to it which I enjoyed. Plus the wet weather driving physics in this title are still to this day held in high regard.

Some modding for this game has happened over the years including updating cars and tracks.

8: Command & Conquer: Red Alert


Original Release year: 1996

After the release of Command & Conquer in 1995 Westwood studios released Red Alert the following year and what a release it was.

What happens when you travel back in time and take Hitler out of history before his rise to power… welcome to Red Alert. Red Alert improved on the game play of the original game with a great sound track (The Hell March was so awesome).

Nothing felt greater than then doing a Mammoth tank rush across the map

7: Neverwinter Nights


Original Release year: 2002

The first of our RPG games on the list (yes there are a few). Neverwinter Nights was based on version 3.5 of Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign.

The game has a strong story line and multiplayer sides. However for me the most exciting part of the game was the mod making where you could make your own modules which could be used in online, multiplayer or single player games.

As a side note this is also the first of several entries where Jeremy Soule composed the music for the game.

6: Grand Theft Auto Vice City


Original release year: 2003

What do you get when you combine GTA with the best decade (in terms of music).. the result is this entry.

A clear advancement of GTA3 (not lease of which is the inclusion of motorcycles) Vice City still rocks to this day. The game tells the story of Tommy Vercetti who is sent to Vice city for a job that goes bad. He then turns everything around and all to the  backdrop of the best game soundtrack of any GTA title.

This is still the best Grand Theft Auto title to this date… long live the 1980’s


Well that’s it for the bottom 5 next Thursday we will have the top 5… which game will be number 1.

Supergirl S2E1: The Adventures of Supergirl

Season 2 of Supergirl kickes off right where season 1 finished with Martian Manhunter and Supergirl investigating an object that crashed to earth. As Kara continues to work out what job she wants to do her date with James Olsen is interrupted by an emergency with the maiden flight of The Venture. With the help of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) they save the ship and all hands.

Supergirl brings her cousin to the DEO where clearly something between Hank and the man of steel is not quite right. Regardless Superman assists in the investigation with the events on The Venture. Investigations lead them to Lena Luthor (sister of Lex) who claims she is trying to rebrand her family’s business. As things unfold and with the possibility of a third kryptonian on earth season 2 is off to an interesting start.


Season 2 of Supergirl is off to quite a strong start. We see the continued development of Supergirl/Kara and we see some interesting changes with some of the other characters as we come into the new season.

The inclusion of Superman/Clark Kent played by Tyler Hoechlin was done quite well I did not feel he overshadowed the show and complimented it rather nicely. Tyler being cast in the role was a nice move he fitted the bill quite well. Plus this version of Superman saved more people in 5 minutes in this episode than the movie version from Man of Steel saved in an entire movie.

Sometimes it is said that the start of a second season of a tv show is more critical than the pilot episode because sometimes it is the second season that can make or break a show. So far Supergirl season 2 is off to a reasonable start which hopefully it can carry throughout the season.

Frequency: Pilot Episode

Have you ever thought what you might do if you were presented with the chance to communicate with a deceased family member from the past what would you do?

That is the basic premise of Frequency. Based on the 2000 Gregory Hoblit film by the same name.

Frequency tells the story of Raimy Sullivan ( Peyton List) a NYPD detective who after a lightening storm finds she can communicate with her deceased father Francis “Frank” Sullivan (Riley Smith) a NYPD detective who was killed in 1996 while working undercover via his old ham radio. Raimy finds she is talking to her father in the time directly preceding her father’s death. Raimy gives her father advise in the hope of preventing her death which triggers the “butterfly effect” in the timeline. Frank & Raimy then have have to team up across time to work together on a decades old murder case.

I have not seen the original movie this series is based off however I have been informed that it is worth watching.

The series however starts very strongly. I came across it by way of a short 7 min clip on YouTube which immediately grabbed my attention (and in some parts gave me chills). The pilot episode shows a great deal of promise. The acting was very powerful with a good strong cast showing what they can put onto the screen from the very first scene.

Frequency is developed by Supernatural & Being Human’s Jeremy Carver. It is on The CW and is also on Netflix. It looks like running for at least 3 seasons from the start. This is a series which is well worth picking up now and going along for the ride.



Star Trek Voyager: S7 E5 Critical Care

The Doctor’s mobile emitter is stolen from Voyager by an alien trader who then sells it to an overcrowded hospital. While Voyager searches for the trail which will hopefully lead them to their friend The Doctor soon realises that medical care at the facility is not the same as he is used to but is in fact  allocated based on the patients status in society.

The Doctor teams up with Dr Voje (Paul Scherrer) and Dr Dysek (Gregory Itzin) to affect the beginnings of change in the thinking of how patients are treated at the facility. The Doctor is then rescued by Voyager where back on board his own ship he questions if his program was malfunction regarding some of his conduct on the facility. Seven of Nine confirms that his program was operating properly the whole time.

Firstly allow me to say that the choosing of this episode to review was literally random (by dice role) which makes the fact this episode came up first slightly more ironic.

One of the criticism I have of Star Trek Voyager in it’s later seasons was most episodes focused too heavily on certain cast members to the detriment of some of the other cast members. I do categorise The Doctor as someone who perhaps got too many episodes focused on him. However I feel Critical Care is one of the better offerings.

The Doctor being placed in a different medical environment which is so vastly different from the one he is used to was rather interesting. It was quite fascinating to see how he worked, reacted and interacted to the setting he found himself in. With Robert Picardo giving a solid performance in this episode.

I opened my review by saying how ironic this episode being first was and some of you may be thinking why.

We here in Australia recently had a federal (National) election and one of the key elements of the election was the public health system and  that one day the level of treatment a patient receives is based on how much money they have (how much treatment they can afford). In other words their status in society determines the level of care they receive much like the theme of this episode.

Finally for those of you with a keen ear you may hear a familiar voice for the voice of Hospital ship alpha.

Oni Volume 1


To coincide with the release of the game by the same title Rockstar Games & Dark Horse Comics teamed up to release this limited series comic series at the beginning of 2001.

In the year 2032 Earth is so heavily polluted that little of it is habitable. Agent Konoko works for the police for known as the Technological Crimes Task Force (TCTF) who is tasked with keeping the law. One of their main opponents are the Syndicate.

Konoko is chasing a Syndicate van through the city when she catches them they are saying they saw a ghost in the middle of the road. Konoko reports back into her head quarters after she goes and makes some inquiries about the little toy that was left behind by the ghost. After which Konoko infiltrates a facility and finds herself in a tight spot as we conclude volume one.

Oni is a nice little series which adds to the world of the game nicely. The action in this volume is nice and fast paced. Which is complimented well by the art style which almost has a manga feel about it. It does not take much to get into this comic and it is a nice little series to pick up. A fine example of comics from the early part of the 21st century.

Supergirl S1e6: Red Faced

Supergirl learns that with her great power comes great responsibility and she has to learn to keep her emotions in check. Cat Grant receives a visit from her mother. Sam Lane shows up with a new android which is very powerful. It takes all of Supergirl’s efforts to stop it when it goes wrong. Meanwhile Kara & Alex continue to look into their father Jeremiah’s fate and they find out who the last person him alive was. In the end a small accident leaves us with a nice little cliff hanger.


Supergirl returns to good form with this instalment after a slightly less than impressive performance with the previous episode. The series seems to work best when stories about family are involved.

Here we see Cat’s mum come onto the scene, also Lucy Lane’s dad & Kara & Alex continue to dig into the mystery of the fate of Jeramiah Danvers. Clearly with all this family related content this episode shines. Add to it an awesome fight against an android and this episode was always going to be a winner. Melissa Benoist gives a really strong performance in this entry.

One of the strongest entries of the season so far it continues to build things up for the coming episodes.