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Leonard Nimoy: One year on

Often when an event happens or someone passes away and a year goes by we find ourselves saying “I can’t believe it’s been a year already”. Well this is exactly what is going through my head right now as I write this post. I can hardly believe it has been one year already since we lost this multitalented and creative man & artist.

Despite my very public fandom of Star Trek as a franchise it was not in from this work that I became aware of Mr Nimoy. It was through his voice acting work in the 1986 Transformers The Movie that I first encountered his work. In this title he played the role of Galvatron  the leader of the Decepticons after Megatron is transformed by Unicron. Mr Nimoy also did some voice work for the role of Unicron when  Orson Wells passed away towards the end of production. It was nearly a decade later in the mid 1990’s that I first saw Star Trek & Mr Nimoy’s most famous on screen role Spock.


In the role of Spock Mr Nimoy created a character which is very unique and special and is loved all around the world. Spock is a character which a lot of people can identify with because sometimes we have all felt like the outsider or the one who is different. He played a character of two worlds Vulcan and Earth while he elected to follow a Vulcan way of life he sometime felt as though he did not fit into either culture. He was most at home on the Enterprise with his crew.

Mr Nimoy also was a director. He directed an episode of TJ Hooker (William Shatner in the title role). He also directed Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock, Star Trek 4: The Voyage home and Three Men and a Baby to name just a few.

Mr Nimoy would also make a return to the Transformers franchise in the 2011 Michael Bay film Transformers: Dark of the Moon where he provided voice talents for the character of  Sentinel Prime

Among his other interests he was a photographer. One story I have read was Tom Hanks & Leonard Nimoy had attended an event together when they were approached by a fan in the carpark who wanted to have his photo taken with Tom Hanks. When the question was asked who would take the photo the fan said ” Mr Nimoy you are a wonderful photographer would you please take our picture”.

Leonard Nimoy left with world with such a wonderful legacy of talent which I have no doubt span many more decades. I for one am very honoured to have been alive to see his some of his work as he created it. Thank you Mr Nimoy for what you gave the world. You are a legend for all of time.