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The fear of RPG players

Reciently I have been watching the RPG series on Geek & Sundry run by Wil Wheaton called Titans Grave: The Ashes of Valkana.


It can be found here if you are interested in watching the series

It was at episode 7 & 8 that I noticed something interesting which got me thinking regarding the relationship between the GM, the game & the players.

In episode 7 of the series a character was introduced called Runcible (pictured below). When he was introduced one of the party reacted with great suspicion to his presence and took action to be prepared for a possible combat situation… I will let you guys watch episodes 7 & 8 to see the results of scenario….


As someone who has both been a player & a game master for more than a decade I find it a very interesting case that RPG players are wary of anything even it might be benign and non threatening. I wish to pose the question… Have GM’s of RPG games over the years instilled into players an automatic fear that when something enters a game without the players knowing it’s intent?

I think the answer is yes… so the next time your GM introduces an npc into your RPG perhaps your strategy should be to talk to the npc first and perhaps not pull our your longbow or blaster.