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Oni Volume 1


To coincide with the release of the game by the same title Rockstar Games & Dark Horse Comics teamed up to release this limited series comic series at the beginning of 2001.

In the year 2032 Earth is so heavily polluted that little of it is habitable. Agent Konoko works for the police for known as the Technological Crimes Task Force (TCTF) who is tasked with keeping the law. One of their main opponents are the Syndicate.

Konoko is chasing a Syndicate van through the city when she catches them they are saying they saw a ghost in the middle of the road. Konoko reports back into her head quarters after she goes and makes some inquiries about the little toy that was left behind by the ghost. After which Konoko infiltrates a facility and finds herself in a tight spot as we conclude volume one.

Oni is a nice little series which adds to the world of the game nicely. The action in this volume is nice and fast paced. Which is complimented well by the art style which almost has a manga feel about it. It does not take much to get into this comic and it is a nice little series to pick up. A fine example of comics from the early part of the 21st century.