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Pokémon GO: The Review

When I first installed and started to use Pokémon Go back in July I informed my wife I was playing it as a road test so I could write a review about it. She did not believe me however here we are doing a review on Pokémon Go…. guess I was right (although the review has taken sometime to do).

After installing the game I found there was very little tuition on how to play the various aspects of it. Sure catching Pokémon was straight forward enough however some of the most subtler details about the game were not so obvious (well to me at least). I had to be shown the techniques on battling gyms & it took me a little bit of time how to work Pokestops properly.

Sure these sound like minor things that should be picked up easily but bearing in mind my gaming background comes from the 1990’s where when you bought yourself a game you also got a nice sizeable book of instruction to read through.. guess I’m just old school and the younger gamers today are quicker a picking things up on their own without the need for massive tomes of information.

Once I got going however I found the game to be reasonably enjoyable with a good number of my friends playing it added to the experience. When one gets to level 5 one is asked to join a team with the choices of Team Valor, Team Mystic & Team Instinct. After asking some friends I joined Team Valor.


I have read comments that persons who are older should not be playing the game and it is for younger people. I would disagree with that, given a lot of the older people grew up with Pokémon as kids they have as much right to enjoy the game as their children. Which brings me to another good point. I have seen parents playing the game with their children, so it gets families outside together getting exercise and spending time together so I would say that’s a win.

In terns of the graphics they don’t set the world alight with huge quantities of win but they are reasonably good. There have been several good updates to the game including the buddy system. However not every change that has come into the game has been received well by the players.

Which brings me to the crunch of this review. While Pokémon Go has a very good initial appeal factor when you first start to play it. It can feel like a grind at times. After about 2 months of reasonably solid play my interest started to fade and I have not really touched the game since the middle of October.

I am not sure if I will get back into it again to the same level I did before or perhaps at a lesser level but at least I was true to what I said to my wife all those months ago… and finally did the review of Pokémon Go.