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Star Trek Voyager: S7 E5 Critical Care

The Doctor’s mobile emitter is stolen from Voyager by an alien trader who then sells it to an overcrowded hospital. While Voyager searches for the trail which will hopefully lead them to their friend The Doctor soon realises that medical care at the facility is not the same as he is used to but is in fact  allocated based on the patients status in society.

The Doctor teams up with Dr Voje (Paul Scherrer) and Dr Dysek (Gregory Itzin) to affect the beginnings of change in the thinking of how patients are treated at the facility. The Doctor is then rescued by Voyager where back on board his own ship he questions if his program was malfunction regarding some of his conduct on the facility. Seven of Nine confirms that his program was operating properly the whole time.

Firstly allow me to say that the choosing of this episode to review was literally random (by dice role) which makes the fact this episode came up first slightly more ironic.

One of the criticism I have of Star Trek Voyager in it’s later seasons was most episodes focused too heavily on certain cast members to the detriment of some of the other cast members. I do categorise The Doctor as someone who perhaps got too many episodes focused on him. However I feel Critical Care is one of the better offerings.

The Doctor being placed in a different medical environment which is so vastly different from the one he is used to was rather interesting. It was quite fascinating to see how he worked, reacted and interacted to the setting he found himself in. With Robert Picardo giving a solid performance in this episode.

I opened my review by saying how ironic this episode being first was and some of you may be thinking why.

We here in Australia recently had a federal (National) election and one of the key elements of the election was the public health system and  that one day the level of treatment a patient receives is based on how much money they have (how much treatment they can afford). In other words their status in society determines the level of care they receive much like the theme of this episode.

Finally for those of you with a keen ear you may hear a familiar voice for the voice of Hospital ship alpha.


Star Trek Axanar Lawsuit


Yesterday news broke that Paramount Pictures & CBS have raised a lawsuit against Axanar Productions. Which is the company behind the crowd funded movie project Star Trek Axanar. Axanar have raised over $1 million in funding from Kickstarter & Indiegogo.

here is the link to a news artical relating to this.

To view the Prelude To Axanar please watch it below.

I am fully opposed to the action being taken by Paramount & CBS regarding this matter.

Firstly Star Trek has always been about the community and the fandom. The fans are what make a show or franchise popular without the fans a series is nothing. Over the years there have been some fantastic fan made Star Trek projects including Of God and Men, Star Trek Phase Two & more recently Star Trek Renegades & Star Trek Continues. In the past fan made films have been permitted by the studios and fans are not discouraged to cosplay and promote Trek Fandom.

Star Trek Axanar have several Star Trek a amuni actors in it. J.G Hertzler (General Martok), Tony Todd (Kurn & Adult Jake Sisko) & Gary Graham reprising his role of Soval from Star Trek Enterprise. Plus on top of these fine actors it also stars Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica). So it has an excellent cast and also wants to produce a high quality product for the fans.

Axanars story in the original Star Trek universe (not the JJverse reboot of 2009) and sets it’s events just before and during the year 2245 (when The Enterprise NCC-1701 is launched). This places it before the events of either the first Trek pilot “The Cage” or the main Star Trek original series (set in 2266).

I would pose the question to the reader given the Axanar story is set in the prime universe not the JJverse and despite the box office of Star Trek (2009) and Into Darkness (2013).

Are fans wanting a return to the primary Trek universe? Are Paramount & CBS worried about the popularity of Axanar and it’s potential success when it is fully released?

I hope that this lawsuit does not go through or is not successful and the Axanar is allowed to continue and gets released. It is good for Star Trek that Axanar exists and it is good for the fans of Star Trek that it is being made.