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A Journey of 1224 days

On October 31st 2012 I began a new gaming experience when I entered the world of Guild Wars 2 for the first time. Set obviously in the same world as the original Guild Wars however 250 years have passed between the two games.

As a player of the first game since it launched I was very excited to begin playing the new game. ArenaNet were very intelligent in the way they linked both games together both in terms of story and in the way they rewarded long time players of the first game. One of the things they did was for a period of time they reserved all your character names from Guild Wars so you could use them in Guild Wars 2. While I only kept one character name from the first game it was the most important one to me… Siena Delong.


Siena in Guild Wars was my monk, a character I had from the very beginning and I became very good at playing a monk in the game. Then when they announced the professions of Guild Wars 2 monk was not among them. I then had to find a new profession for my new Siena to be. I decided to choose Mesmer.


With that the very day I set up my account for Guild Wars 2 and linked it with my Guild Wars account Siena Delong the Mesmer was created.

The world in Guild Wars 2 is very much more in-depth then the first game with a lot more going on and many things a player can engage in as they explore the map. As time went along I created other character. However just like in the original game Siena has always remained my main character.

The Mesmer is not the easiest profession to learn it is a class that I would recommend for more experienced players. With this in mind I stuck with it and soon gained an aptitude with playing a Mesmer.


As a side note about the game it is visually stunning as you can see from the screen captures in this post. This is enhanced by the amazing score by Jeremy & Julian Soule. They have done so much awesome game music over the years I can not list it all here but they did do the work on the first Guild Wars game.

The personal story of the game is very immersive and also quite extensive as well. You can easily become quite invested in the story and get pulled right into the narrative. In fact there was one part I played which was quite moving. It also see the player go all around the world of Tyria and includes a lot of the map. As you play through the story you get a true sense of scope to the scale of the map in this game.


I am very happy to continue to have some good personal friends in Guild Wars 2, some of whom I knew in real life before starting to play the game. Some I have had the good fortune of meeting while playing both Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2 and forming real life friendships with them over time.

Guild Wars 2 is certinally a title worth playing if you are into this type of game. You will enjoy it a great deal.

Which leaves us with only one final question. Why is this post called “A Journey of 1224 days”. That is how long it took me to complete the personal story on Siena’s character. I am very happy to have completed it however there is always plenty to do in the land of Tyria in Guild Wars 2.