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Star Trek Deep Space Nine 23rd Anniversary

On January 3rd 1993 the third Star Trek television series premiered entitled Deep Space Nine, it was to boldly go well sort of nowhere really as this trek series was set on an old Cardassian space station that was abandonded when they left Bajor. The Bajorian government asked for Federation assistance to help run the station.

With a principal cast of 8 Deep Space Nine when it started DS9 was one of the largest main casts of a television Star Trek series. One of the biggest advantages that the show had was because it was based in one location it was able to have a much larger supporting cast which grew over the show’s seven year run.


The series suffered somewhat from being the “middle child” of Star Trek, with The Next Generation finishing it’s seven year run in 1994 and Star Trek: Voyager starting in 1995. Both of these shows somewhat overshadowed Deep Space nine. However to the credit of those running the station based series they kept the show fresh and appealing to episodes.

These changes included bring the character of Worf across to Deep Space Nine after the conclusion of The Next Generation and the continuing building of the Dominion story arc. The only major challenge the series hit later on was the leaving of Terry Farrell at the end of Season 6 and the introduction of Nicole De Boer. This did lead to some storyline being bogged down in the final year of the show as they needed to establish a new main character.

As is so often the case with Star Trek the interpersonal relationships between character makes the shows such a success and this most definitely applies to Deep Space Nine. Naturally the relationship between Ben Sisko and his son Jake was one of the main ones but also we had many strong relationships throughout the cast. Including the relationship between Odo and Kira, the friendship between Bashir and Garak and the love hate friendship between Quark and Odo. There are many more.. too many to mention here.


At the start of series 3 the audience is introduced to a new cast member the starship Defiant. Developed as a result of the Borg threat this was unlike and ship the Federation had made before, it was a warship build totally for combat. It gave the series a new lease on life as the crew could go further than they had before and gave the series a whole lot of punch.

Below are my 5 favourite Deep Space Nine episode

5)  Blood Oath (Season Two)


See the return of three classic series Klingons to the station to complete an oath they made with Jadzia Dax.

4) Who Mourns for Morn? ( Season 6)


At the death of his most loved patron Quark is left with Morn’s estate. However when Quark tries to claim it all does not go well.

3) Our Man Bashir (Season 4)


Bashir & Garak are trapped on the holosuit when a station wide emergency traps them in this fun James Bond spoof episode

2) Trials and Tribble-ations (Season 5)


Sisko and crew are sent back in time to the events of a classic episode where they encounter Kirk and crew and lots of furry small creatures. This episode serves as the 30 anniversary episode for DS9.

1) Past Tense (Season 3)


While technically a two parter this story sees Bashir, Dax and Sisko stuck in the past at a pivotal point in history where Sisko must take on the role of a historical figure

Deep Space Nine is certainly worth another watch if you have seen it before and if you have not watched it’s worth sitting down and seeing for the first time. It is a good series with a strong well planned over arching story line and character which you will enjoy watching.