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Four Favourite Christmas clips from Youtube

As today is Christmas day I thought I would share by four favourite Christmas related videos that I have seen on YouTube over the years.

These are in no particular order…

  1. Jenson Button

As a long time Formula one Fan I enjoy this one quite a lot some of the reactions are awesome plus Jenson is an awesome guy.

2) Minions!!!

Who does not love Minions? Most of you do know I love minions and even took a Build-A-Bear Kevin to the minions movie.

3) Clarke & Dawe

Clarke & Dawe are an Australian comedy duo. This video is from 2010 and they reference some events of that year.. Funny that in 2015 Australia got beat in the Ashes by England like in 2010 and FIFA are in the news still too.

4) Chistmas with Doctor Who

Done by the awesome guys at Dead Ringers