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Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio

In 1992 The Doctor encounters an 8 year old boy named Grant (Logan Hoffman) while installing a device on a roof to help repair damaged that was caused when he last visited New York City. During this encounter The Doctor gives Grant a wish granting gemstone to hold which is used to power the device. Grant mistaking the stone as a cure to his cold swallows the stone. The stone gives Grant his wish of having super hero powers.

Returning to New York 24 years later The Doctor investigates the research company Harmony Shoals while doing so he encounters Lucy Fletcher (Charity Wakefield) who is an investigative journalist also looking into the company. Grant ( Justin Chatwin) is now serving as Lucy’s nanny and helping to look after her baby girl while leading a double life as the super hero known as The Ghost.

Together they all try to unravel the mystery of Harmony Shoals and what they are truly doing


Doctor Who Christmas specials I tend to find can be a bit of a hit and miss thing. For example last year’s entry The Husbands of River Song I thought was a great special (review for that can be found here While on other occasions they can be not as strong. This entry to the list of Christmas specials fall about in the middle of the road.

The acting on the whole was reasonably solid throughout the episode with Justin Chatwin, Charity Wakefield putting in good supporting roles. Peter Capaldi had some great moments and some good comedy to the episode. The main setback for the cast was Nardole (Matt Lucas), while his performance was good I felt the character did not fit in with the story that well and did not really contribute much to it.

The main down point for me is it felt very similar to other things Moffat had done before and was not really breaking into any new territory . While it was not a bad episode it does show the tiredness of his time as show runner. Hopefully the coming change for series 11 will bring a breath of fresh air into the show.

Having said that though I did enjoy how this special tied nicely into the previous one referencing the 24 years spent with River Song which was a nice way to tie up that story and also the fact we have not had any Doctor Who in 2016.

While not the strongest Christmas special it is not the worst. I would say it sits somewhere in the middle.



Doctor Who: The Husbands of River Song

Well another year almost gone and another season of Doctor Who complete. Once again we find ourselves at that special part of the year where we have the Christmas Special. This year sees the return of River Song in The Husbands of River Song.


The episode begins with a messenger at the door of the TARDIS looking for “The Surgeon”, the messenger having being sent by the one and only River Song who is apparently married to King Hydroflax. However as is quite often the case with River things are not always as they appear especially when she appears not to recognise The Doctor…

Firstly allow me to begin by saying that this is a nice lighter episode with some nice comedy scenes in it. I feel this was much needed because quite a few parts of series 9 (especially the end three episodes) were quite dark. So a nice light hearted fun romp was a much needed change.

Aside from the snow and a few other visual queues there was very little Christmas in this Christmas special. While this is not the first time this has happened I feel a Christmas special should have a certain level of Christmas in it and this one sadly did not have enough.

In terms of the episode I felt the pace was a bit slow to begin with but it picked up as the episode went along. Towards the end it slowed down nicely at the right point for the ending.

River not recognising The Doctor was probably a result of the fact he is now in his 13th regeneration and on a new set of lives. This goes beyond her knowledge of him as she has always stated that she knows all of his faces.

All being said though I felt this was a reasonably solid episode. The pacing could have been better but it’s not as bad as episodes have been in the past. Now we wait until season 10.