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Board Game Afternoons

Some of you may have seen my recent post of Facebook about the board gaming tutoring at the Armadale Library. I thought I would provide some more information in the way of a post on my blog

Firstly here is the promotions flyer which is doing the rounds.


This provides all the basic info but I thought some more in-depth knowledge would be good.

Obviously I am doing the games over a 6 week period in September and October from 1pm onwards on those days.

Below is a list of what games will be featured and the days they will be on

12th of September – Ticket To Ride

26th of September – Timeline/Cardline

3rd of October – King of Tokyo

10th of October – Qwirkle

24th of October – Formula D

31st of October – Stuff & Nonsense


It will be an exciting experience and I am looking forward to introducing board gaming to a wider community.

Catch you all on Wednesday for the first Doctor Who blog in the lead up to the launch of series 9