My top 10 PC Games pt1

As I look back and reflect on the approximately 21 years of PC gaming I have done I have seen many titles come and go, some of which were all time classics and some were downright forgettable.

I started to thing about the games that I have enjoyed playing the most in that time. To that end I have compiled this top 10 list of my all time personal favourite games I played on PC.

In putting together this list I took into account the following. The story of the game (if it had one), the ability the game had to be modified by mods & the impact the game has had since I played it. I attempted to remain objective on the technical side of the games because naturally the newer the game the better it looks graphically ect.

10: SimCity 2000


Original release year: 1994

One of the earliest games I played Sim City 2000 is the second game in the series but the first one I played. It was a fun game where you got to build a small establishment into a sprawling metropolis. While I have played other games in the SimCity series this one is still the one I had the most fun playing.

SimCity 2000 was still being released on other platforms as they were released right up to the PSN IN 2008 proving this entry has stood the test of time.

9: Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix 4


Original release year: 2002

I have played many Grand Prix games over the years most of them done by EA Sports. However Grand Prix 4 is the one that makes the list. Having previously played Grand Prix 3 naturally I progressed to Grand Prix 4 when it was released.

While perhaps not the most realistic looking GP game out there this title it had a special quality to it which I enjoyed. Plus the wet weather driving physics in this title are still to this day held in high regard.

Some modding for this game has happened over the years including updating cars and tracks.

8: Command & Conquer: Red Alert


Original Release year: 1996

After the release of Command & Conquer in 1995 Westwood studios released Red Alert the following year and what a release it was.

What happens when you travel back in time and take Hitler out of history before his rise to power… welcome to Red Alert. Red Alert improved on the game play of the original game with a great sound track (The Hell March was so awesome).

Nothing felt greater than then doing a Mammoth tank rush across the map

7: Neverwinter Nights


Original Release year: 2002

The first of our RPG games on the list (yes there are a few). Neverwinter Nights was based on version 3.5 of Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaign.

The game has a strong story line and multiplayer sides. However for me the most exciting part of the game was the mod making where you could make your own modules which could be used in online, multiplayer or single player games.

As a side note this is also the first of several entries where Jeremy Soule composed the music for the game.

6: Grand Theft Auto Vice City


Original release year: 2003

What do you get when you combine GTA with the best decade (in terms of music).. the result is this entry.

A clear advancement of GTA3 (not lease of which is the inclusion of motorcycles) Vice City still rocks to this day. The game tells the story of Tommy Vercetti who is sent to Vice city for a job that goes bad. He then turns everything around and all to the  backdrop of the best game soundtrack of any GTA title.

This is still the best Grand Theft Auto title to this date… long live the 1980’s


Well that’s it for the bottom 5 next Thursday we will have the top 5… which game will be number 1.


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