Nadia Episode 3 – The Riddle of the Giant Sea Monsters

After barely escaping from Jean’s home in Le Havre our young adventures find themselves sitting in the aircraft in the ocean with a storm raging around them. They are sound found and rescued by the American Battleship the Abraham who brings them on board. There they are fed and well looked after by the crew however Nadia is not happy in these new surroundings.

The Grandis gang come across the battleship and try to attack it to get the Blue Water however they are defeated by the battleship. Jean & Nadia meet Ayerton who tell them he is a scientist looking for the sea monsters that the ship is hunting. Soon enough the sea monsters attack but all is not as it should be. During the attack the Abraham is badly damaged. Jean, Nadia & King are lost overboard and are once again floating in the ocean.

This wonderful retro anime series keeps getting more interesting with each passing episode. Firstly a mysterious girl and her blue pendant show up and now we have sea monsters which may be more than meets the eye. I can’t wait to see what Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water throws at me next.


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