Supergirl S1e4: Livewire

*Note this episode and the episode “How does she do it?” were swapped in the schedule after the November 2015 Paris attacks due to the content of the episode*

It’s Thanksgiving and the Danvers family are gathering to celebrate Wynn is also invited as he has no other arrangements.

Else where Leslie Willis (Brit Morgan) a shock jock who is employee of CatCo speaks out against supergirl. Cat Grant tells Leslie to stop talking about Supergirl. When she refuses Ms Grant demotes her to the traffic report. During her report a lightning storm builds up and the traffic reporting helicopter is struck. Supergirl  saves the pilot but Leslie is struck by lightening which first passes through Supergirl.


Livewire as Leslie now calls herself has a vendetta out against Ms Grant and attacks the CatCo building. Supergirl manages to save Ms Grant. However during the exchange Livewire proves she is impervious to most of Supergirl’s attacks.

At the Danver’s Thanksgiving things quickly deteriorate when Alex informs her mother she works for the DEO. Her mother is displeased and the gathering is stopped.

Ms Grant agrees to work with the DEO and Supergirl to stop Livewire using herself as bait to bring her out so Supergirl can stop her using a method Hank devised.


Alex and her mother apologise to each other for the argument that happened and the episode ends with Fliza Danvers revealing a secret about Jeremiah’s past which sheds new light on things and caused Alex & Kara to look at Hank in a different light.


Once again Supergirl delivers another excellent episode as the series continues to develop. I know I commented on this in my review of the pilot but the casting choices of Dean Cain (Jeremiah Danvers) & Helen Slater (Dr Eliza Danvers) was a spark of genius.

This series continues to grow from strength to strength with the relationships and the way they are gradually building up Hank’s story, you feel something big is coming there soon.

With so much going on in the series it feels a bit hectic at times but not to the point where a viewer can’t make sense of what is happening.




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