Nadia Episode 2 – The Little Fugitives

At the end of episode one we see Jean successfully rescue Nadia from three bandits trying to capture her and The Blue Water which she wears around her neck. Jean decides to Nadia back to his home in Le Havre when he ask he Aunt for her help.

Episode two begins with Jean and Nadia sailing down a river after escaping the bandits or so they thought. A chase ensures on the water as once again Jean and Nadia try to escape. Jean’s inventions again save the day sort of… they are able to escape and arrive in Le Havre. They arrive at Jean’s aunts place but she refuses to help. So instead Jean takes Nadia to his home. However once again the Grandis gang show up they are once again forces to flee. Using the biggest flying machine Jean has built they manage to escape until yet again the engine blows up leaving them stranded on the ocean with a storm closing in.

Once again I find myself captivated by this historically setting anime series. The settings are so richly detailed (for example Jean’s house) that I find the world very immersive. There is a good level of action and light hearted moments so far which makes it an enjoyable watch even at this early stage. Despite the age of the series so far it has stood the test of time very well indeed and is a firm classic of the anime genre.


4 thoughts on “Nadia Episode 2 – The Little Fugitives

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      I’ve followed your blog now so it now automatically comes up on my main page where it lists people I follow 🙂

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