Supergirl S1E3 Fight or Flight

Towards the end of episode 2 we see two things which would start to shape the series going into the new few episodes. Firstly we saw Hank’s eyes glow red, the second thing was at the very end of the episode with Supergirl about to give an interview to Cat Grant


During the course of the interview Supergirl accidently informs Cat of her family relation to Superman. Soon after this Supergirl is attacked by Reactron who is the first non alien villain of the week on the series. He is a villain out with a vendetta against Superman and decides to take it out on his cousin.

Reactron otherwise known as Ben Krull in the series is played by Chris Browning. He was a former nuclear reactor engineer who was exposed to radiation during a terrorist attack on his plant. While the attack was stopped by Superman the man of steel was unable to save Ben’s wife who died from exposure. Ben therefor blames Superman for his loss.


Reactron attacks Lord Technologies and captures Maxwell Lord to force him to repair his suit. Lord is forced to comply. He then attacks a event being run by Cat Grant as a big media launch for Supergirl. Supergirl is able to defeat Reactron which is something her cousin was never able to do.


Once again in the episode we see Hank’s eyes glow red. There is a really feeling that they are starting to tease this up to be something big later in the season. Towards the end of the episode back in CatCo we see a nice moment for Kara as she gets back to her daily work.

As the episode draws to a close we find out the relationship between Kara & Jimmy get more complex with the arrival of Jimmy’s ex fiancée Lucy Lane.

Another strong episode with Kara continuing to struggle and grow into her new role as a super hero. We see some nice development with several characters and the series is building nicely. This episode again shows some very strong acting by Melissa Benoist.


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