JAFWA 25th Anniversay celebration

Last Saturday (The 12th of December 2015) my wife & I attended the end of year marathon screening at JAFWA. The end of year screening also doubled as the 25th anniversary celebration for JAFWA.


As a way of information and background JAFWA stands for Japanese Animation Fan of Western Australia. I first started attended from around 2000-2004. In which time I saw some rather excellent anime and formed some awesome friendships. My now wife Cathy was also in attendance at that time and used to sit directly in front of me, however we never spoke to each other.

At the 25th anniversary they screened some awesome retro anime including Read or Die, Tenchi Moyo, El-Hazard, Neon Genesis Evangelion, GTO, Card Captor Sakura & Full Metal Panic! it was great to see these and other titles which are much loved by the anime community.

It was also great catching up with friend who were in attendance of the screening, some of whom I have not seen in quite a long time.

While the continued rise of the internet and streaming services have in some way caused diminished numbers at clubs like JAFWA. I still feel that clubs like this serve as an invaluable service to the community because it brings fans together.

My thanks to the committee of JAFWA for putting on an awesome event. it has rekindled my love of anime and I may very well may make JAFWA a regular fixture on my calendar again.

For more details on JAFWA please visit:



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